Demand for Homes in the ’Burbs Endures Despite

Despite a gradual return to the office for some employees and a renewed appetite for city living, suburban homes remain in demand across the U.S., according to a report Tuesday from

Throughout the pandemic, home sales across the country’s suburban enclaves have skyrocketed as residents seek out easy access to the outdoors and larger properties. In fact, the number of home buyers shopping across the country’s leafy suburbs has surged 42.1% since the onset of Covid-19, the online real estate hub said.

Their popularity doesn’t look set to dissipate any time soon. Suburban homes accounted for 62% of online home views on in September, compared to 38% for listings in urban areas.

“The suburbs have always attracted home buyers looking for more house for their money, but recent data reflects just how much suburban competition has intensified. With the rise in long-term remote work options and downtown rents making a rapid comeback, suburban vs. urban housing dynamics are shifting,” Danielle Hale, chief economist, said in the report.